Creating software products to augment emerging wearable technologies.

Wearable technologies are developed for a variety of applications, and are normally provided to the user with a standard software “App”; our goal is to create a variety of software applications that can reuse these same wearable technologies in a number of complimentary ways; bringing greater utility and a higher level of functionality to the user.

These software products will be available free, on a subscription basis, and also through wearable technology partnerships depending on the specific software product and wearable technology being augmented.



Our first product providing an augmented capability for emerging fitness sensors.

We will create visualization and a user toolset that takes full advantage of the sensor’s capabilities and enhances the available data with advanced analytic tools. PhysiCol will have the ability to support team sports and provide an inclusive, continuous stream of data to the user regarding the sensors in their network.

Taking greater advantage of sensor functionality, and understanding the needs of a more focused user group, provides a greater value to the user and their sensor network. Stay tuned…